Erma Fiend is an Emmy award-winning multimedia animator, creative strategist, and verified Giphy artist with 2.4 Billion GIF views from over 200 Instagram stickers.


Erma Fiend stickers are funny, surreal, beautiful, tactile, and captivating.  

Stop motion, line drawings, dynamic text, sparkles, morphs — Erma Fiend works in a range of styles to embellish the visual world of unique brands for videos and social media.

Who uses branded GIF Stickers?

Over the past year, major companies (Absolut Vodka, Red Bull, Jolly Rancher, Gucci, T-Mobile, Malibu Rum, Benefit Cosmetics, Essie, PepsiCo., etc.) have launched partnerships with Giphy to create their own branded GIF libraries on Instagram Stories and Snapchat.  Users can also find these stickers on SMS and platforms such as Tinder and Slack.

What do custom GIF stickers offer?

  • Increase brand credibility: Create a dynamic logo, upgrade product shots, and establish a polished look & feel

  • Promote campaigns and learn more about your audience: Highlight links and call to actions, and enhance polls for crowdsourcing ideas and gathering feedback

  • Drive brand awareness through user generated content: Allow your followers to use your GIFS in their own Instagram stories

What are different kinds of GIF stickers?

  • Logos and titles: Bring your logo and title text to life for use in videos, websites, shop pages, and across social media accounts

  • Products: Showcase products with graphics created from photos, cute cartoon versions, or surreal stop motion and claymation

  • Messaging: Create slogans, catch phrases, and call to actions in your brand’s font, colors, and style

  • Brand enhancement: Animate mascot characters and other stylized graphics to embellish your posts and videos

Why collaborate with Erma Fiend?

Your brand is a unique world!  Your followers value the aesthetic of your product, and your social media presence serves as its four dimensional packaging.  As a verified Giphy artist and experienced creative producer, Erma Fiend will work with you to develop one of a kind content that inspires and engages your audience. 

Erma Fiend specializes in animating real world objects, textures, and creating special effects that will set your brand apart from accounts who pull from default sticker searches.  With an extensive background assessing user feedback in creating interactive content for kids and educational media, Erma Fiend will help guide the strategy and design of your branding needs.

Flexible scope and pricing 

Commission a custom order tailored to your needs: from a simple logo or text phrases to a full sticker pack showcasing your products, Erma Fiend will work with your goals and budget range to determine the right scope for your project.

Logos and text

  • Embellish your logo, title cards, or lower 3rds

  • Animate text phrases and simple call-to-action graphics

Graphics from style guides

  • Create stickers from established brand assets

  • Work with existing product photos or reference images

  • Utilize your brand’s existing look & feel

Full look & feel development

  • Develop customized graphics for your brand or video series

  • Showcase your products with a stop motion photo shoot

  • Create cartoons and special effects

  • Plan a full variety sticker pack


Have an idea for bringing your brand to life with animation? Tell us more about your project goals at Erma.Fiend@gmail.com. We look forward to brainstorming with you!

Check out more work samples at ErmaFiend.com